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John W. Nassivera grew up in Hudson Falls, New York. One of his favorite childhood activities was listening to his mother tell tales on the front porch of their home. He is the author of two middle grades novels: The Garden Raid and Chain Links, We're Better Together. John's approach to writing is rooted in the same stories and traits shared on the front porches that many of us grew up on.

John W. Nassivera worked for the New York City Department of Education for over 30 years. In 2006, John designed Explorations Academy, a new small high school in the Bronx, and became the founding principal. During his professional career as an educator, he received the NYC Dept. of Education Service Award and presented at the National Science Teachers 2000 Conference. He is a published author (Teaching Exceptional Children) and formerly served as an educator within the Departments of Curriculum and Education for the City Universities.

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Front Porch Storytelling