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William J. "Jay" O'Hern is all about the Adirondacks.

It started more than 60 years ago, when his family camped each summer around Eighth Lake and Brown's Tract.

His love affair with the mountains accelerated in his 20s, when he began backpacking through the wilderness. He's been at it for nearly a half-century since. He has indeed walked the walk, and he's also talked the talk, producing numerous books about the Adirondacks and the people who live there, with a special emphasis on the famed hermit, Noah John Rondeau and his friends.

"I'm definitely interested in the social history," said O'Hern, a Camillus native and retired Camden schools social studies, English and reading teacher. "It's not just about someone like Noah John Rondeau, but so many of the original Adirondack families that I met. I feel privileged that they have shared information with me. I feel a real obligation to the history of the mountains. It's going to disappear if we don't record it."

And record it he does.

Jay continues to work on Adirondack projects for those who appreciate the mountains, their people and their history. Jay's books are available through his websites; Amazon, Barnes & Noble; and most Adirondack and North Country bookstores.

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Adirondack Author – William J. "Jay" O'Hern